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E.G Woode Launch Event A Success

Last night E.G. Woode had their launch event at the Blue Lacuna space. The were able to raise $5000.00 on the first day which was a testament of the planning and hard work of E.G Woode and the Bluefundrewards staff. We look forward to pushing to the goal of raising $100,000.00. E.G. Woods’ mission is to help underserved communities thriveread more

E.G. Woode Set to Launch Crowdfunding Campaign

E.G. Woode is launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for their organization.  E.G. Woode was formed to provide real estate support for businesses that are looking to build in the Englewood community which is located on the south side of Chicago.  E.G. Woode’s launch event is schedule for June 20th 2019 at 6pm at the Blue Lacuna co workingread more

BlueFund Planning Neighborhood Crowdfunding

  BlueFund Planning Neighborhood Crowdfunding   The BlueFund is in the process of planning a Neighborhood crowdfunding strategy.  Each neighborhood with the community group project lead will have its own dedicated page with qualified crowdfunding campaigns and projects. “I see a strong need for communities to created a crowdfunding strategy around businesses and economic development.  We have become to dependentread more

The BlueFund Launch

Chicago tech hub Blue1647 wants to give entrepreneurs more ways to raise capital for their business with a new crowdfunding platform. Blue1647 recently announced the launch of BLUEFund, a crowdfunding site similar to Kickstarter and Indiegogo that wants to “empower the community” by focusing on entrepreneurs in underserved neighborhoods. Companies can create a campaign, set a funding goal, and collect funds if the goalread more