How It Works

How it Works

Create a Campaign

Post a Project:

  1. On the Homepage Click on the button Labeled create a project.

2. If you already have a username and password login.   If not click on Register.

3.  Fill out registration form.

4. Complete your profile.

5.  Click Create project on Sidebar of Profile Page

6. fill out project information.  Choose the goal amount you want to raise.  Choose a category for your campaign and set a start and end date for the campaign

7. Choose whether you want to have an ongoing campaign or a specified end date.  Add the project description.  Ad the share code for your video in the Project video space.  We suggest you upload to either Youtube or Vimeo and paste the share link in the space. Provide a detailed description of your project.

8. Create  the number of awards to be given to your contributors and how much each level is worth. Add images for your campaign.

9. Save draft of project or Submit for review.  Your campaign must be approve by administrator,  You will receive and email when this done.

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