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Have a great idea for a post on Blue Fund Rewards? Career advice? Life-changing tips and tricks? Humorous anecdotes?

Let me know!

I’m always on the search for awesome content in any of the following categories:

  • Career Development
  • Job Search
  • Leadership
  • Work-Life Integration (let’s be serious, balance is a myth)
  • Happiness at Work

Blogging Guidelines

Please only submit content that fits these blogging best practices:

  • Minimum of 900 words
  • Written for this blog’s audience and in the Blue Fund Rewards tone (subscribe to the newsletter + take a look around if you’re not sure what that is)
  • Use a catchy title + provide two alternatives
  • Break posts into lists or use subheadings
  • Do not include affiliate links or spammy anchor text
  • No duplicate content (I will check)
  • Please include one or more copyright free photos and give me the link to the source
  • Content must be unique and interesting (humor is always appreciated)

Got it all?

Get in touch using the form below to pitch me your ideas, and be sure to include the following:

  • Your proposed topics – Please have three or more
  • Three recent writing samples
  • Your byline, with up to two links (to your website and a social profile)
  • A little about yourself and why you want to write for Blue Fund Rewards!

Thanks so much for your interest in writing for Blue Fund Rewards! I can’t wait to hear from you!


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